How to choose the best console for your Police Impala

How to choose the best console for your Police Impala

Choosing the best Center Console solution for the 2006-2016 Chevrolet Impala Police Vehicle

By Dale Barber Nenno Products LLC


The 2006 and newer Impala Police vehicle when sold new has a plastic cup holder in between the front seats (Photo A below). This plastic drink holder is attached to a metal bracket bolted to the floor.  Underneath the plastic drink holder is what is called a “Crush Box” (see photo B).  The crush box is designed to provide improved resistance to side impact and GM says it is not recommended to remove it. 

Nenno Products offers a NennoPro® Deluxe Fully Upholstered Console Solution that is designed to mount to the top of the crush box without drilling any holes. 


This is the recommended solution for these vehicles. It meets the GM requirements for police upfitting and provides much the much needed armrest, drink holder, and ample storage under the oversized padded armrest.


If your vehicle is missing the cup holder and or the crush box, we recommend sourcing the crush box to use for completing your console installation.


Visit this link for more details on the Deluxe Kit:


We also offer self adhesive hole patch solutions in gloss white and gloss black (paintable to match body color) to cover antenna holes and A-pillar holes where spotlights were removed.  You can find our various patching solutions and other popular items here: