Ford Explorer Utility or Ford Sedan Police Interceptor Black Custom Floor Mats 2013-2019

Ford Explorer Utility or Ford Sedan Police Interceptor Black Custom Floor Mats 2013-2019

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Set of four (4) custom made die-cut stain resistant Slip-Resist floor mats for the 2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Ford Interceptor Utility SUV or Ford Taurus Sedan Interceptor Police 2013-2019.  Starting at $139.42 through $152.51

They are specifically engineered for vinyl / rubber floor mat police vehicles that were built without carpeting.  They are a most welcome civilian touch to the interior of your interceptor and add another element of sound absorption. 

This product is NOT designed for use in vehicles with carpeted floors.  The "in-vehicle" photos are for visual reference only, not the actual application.    

The mats are made of 28 oz. Black Nylon Yarn feature StainResist Technology specifically formulated to resist and repel stains.  The nylon is densely tufted with a low pile height to ensure stains are not absorbed.  They are also treated with an anti-microbial to prevent odors from spilled milk and other dairy products. They feature a multi-layer non-skid “Action Back” backing with an extra thick urethane core that provides extra cushioning, insulation against heat and road noise. 


  • Made of thickly tufted 28 oz. Nylon yarn
  • Chemically treated with StainResist Technology to resist and repel stains and prevent soiling
  • Anti – Microbial protected, prevents odors
  • Matching Black serged edges around each mat is standard
  • Drivers side heel pad standard to extend mat life
  • Unique Non-Skid “Action Back" non-slip composite rubber backing ideal for vinyl floor police vehicles, urethane cushioning insulates against heat and road noise, waterproof mat backing to protect your vehicle's original interior (thoroughly clean and dry the vinyl floor with a non residue interior automotive cleaner before installing is highly recommended)
  • Custom Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Covered by a 2 year warranty

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