Shortie Bench Seat Console With Flip Up Armrest and Cupholders

Shortie Bench Seat Console With Flip Up Armrest and Cupholders


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Check out the new Shortie Seat Console with armrest and cup holders. You will most certainly enjoy having a comfortable place to rest your arm and reduce driver fatigue. It features a stubby profile that makes it ideal for floor shift or stick shift vehicles.

Note:  This is a custom order product and may take up to 15 business days longer to ship.  Custom orders may not be returned, so please request color samples before you purchase!  Color samples are free and great insurance that you get the correct color the first time!

This Seat Console is completely upholstered with automotive grade vinyl and fully padded. It features a left side opening flip up armrest for storage and two cup holders. A strap snugs it to the lower cushion.

It is a nice addition to any vehicle. The color chart is shown in the photo for general reference. It is very difficult to determine color shades via computer. Color samples are available upon request, and we highly suggest getting color samples if you are unsure of what color you need. The 233 Graphite color works well for Toyota Tacoma vehicles with gray interiors.


  • 11" Wide at cup holders
  • 9" Wide at armrest
  • 4 1/2" High at cup holders
  • 7" High at the armest
  • 14" in Length
  • Storage compartment is 6" wide x 6" long by 4" deep
  • It installs in minutes by strapping it to the lower seat cushion

(201) Fiesta Red

(202) Red

(203) Dark Red

(204) Maroon

(205) Bright Red

(208) MAD 4470 Blue

(209) Corinth. Med. Blue

(210) Sierra Lt. Blue

(211) Madrid Lt. Blue

(212) Bright Blue

(213) Metallic Dk. Blue

(214) Dark Madrid Blue

(215) 66M Turquoise

(216) Aqua

(217) HDI-6858 Teal

(218) HDI-6857 Peacock

(219) MAS-9834 Gold **

(220) Dark Brown **

(221) Coconut Brown **

(222) Parchment **

(224) Joe Camel

(225) Claret**


(227) Buckskin**

(228) Saddle

(230) Lone Star Silver**

(231) Light Graphite

(232) Titanium**

(233) Graphite

(234) SVO Gray

(235) Wallaby White**

(236) White

(237) 57 T White**

(238) Ivory

(239) Jamaican Sun**

(240) Orange**

(241) Ivy Gold**

(242) Hunter Green

(243) 69 Madrid Green**

(244) Sierra Black

(245) Madrid Black

(246) Midnight black

(247) Carb. Fiber Black**

(248) Carb. Fiber Silver**